Heroes, The Gallants, The Famous - 2019

The human body has always been a matter of curiosity and reflection for me, as a human being and also as a woman in a society with censorship due to religious and traditional beliefs. This matter became more important when my mother passed due to cancer. I witnessed how it demolished her body in the process, this was my main concern; illness, annihilation and death.

My love for comic books was also another source of reflection on bodies; the body of heroes and the super heroes. A muscular body and a seamless body which seems like a necessity of heroism. This vivid picture was in fact the opposite of my works. Perfect figures and colorful pictures in contrast of deformed body parts and black and white of my works but I found these heroes in contrast with the people who tries to reach the same esthetic, altering their bodies so much that it lost its normal shape.

In the end in my current project I am focusing on these bodies which have been deformed to reach the perfection, the impeccability and the beauty propagated by the media. In this series of works I am trying to survey these bodies which have been obsessively altered and have become a parody of heroes’ bodies.


Still images of a three channeled video